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Welcome to forEVER Permanent Jewelry Supplies & Training! 

"Ever since my grade 11 Entrepreneurial Studies class in high school, I knew I wanted to do more than just work for someone else. Exactly what I wanted to do changed about a million times, which ended up manifesting itself in my adulthood, as I went on to start up several of my own businesses in different industries. The common theme across them all: I'm constantly trying to think outside the box, be different, and raise the bar. 

When I started forEVER, I had a vision: to bring something to the permanent jewelry world that had not yet existed. Canada had no distribution centre for Sunstone permanent jewelry welders & tools. There were also no dedicated permanent jewelry suppliers or trainers in Canada. I successfully launched the first PJ supply & training company in Canada, AND introduced Sunstone Welders to the Canadian market by importing their welders and tools. This allowed them to be shipped from a location within Canada, saving new businesses hundreds of dollars in customs and receiving their welders weeks sooner than if shipping from the US. 

To this day, I am dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry through constant innovation. I have some amazing industry-disrupting products in the works, and can't wait to release them!"

Marci Matejcek, Founder & Visionary

Our Mission:
At forEVER, we're more than just a supplier; we're a partner in your creative journey. Our mission is to empower, support, and elevate small businesses and entrepreneurs in the permanent jewelry and jewelry-making industry. We believe in fostering growth and success at every level.

Our Values: forEVER Permanent Jewelry is committed to supporting women in business, and is dedicated to providing excellence - in both service & product quality, and exceeding expectations every time. 

Why forEVER? 

We offer a commitment to quality and excellence, from our entire luxury brand to our high level of business support. 

As a boutique, woman-owned & operated business, we recognize that we can't keep up with the big brands, and that's ok! With a smaller company size comes many perks: we can promise you faster order fulfillment, a more personalized shopping experience, and support outside normal business hours. 

When you partner with forEVER for your business supplies & training, you become a part of the family, and not just an order added to the queue. 

Your Journey to Excellence Starts With forEVER

Crafting Quality: Top-tier quality is paramount to your success as well as ours: in addition to forEVER Supplies & Training, we also design, manufacture and hand make our own jewelry line, and provide permanent jewelry experiences in-house. Each product in our catalog is carefully selected to ensure top-tier quality & longevity. We work with carefully vetted manufacturers across the globe to source our supplies. We look for the best in style, quality, innovation & differentiation. We prefer to be different than everyone else - and so should you!

Empowering Entrepreneurs: We believe in the power of growth and success through empowerment. Our founder has personally trained and coached over 200 women in the past ten years. She never turns down a chance to help out a fellow entrepreneur, and she invests tens of thousands a dollars per year in her own professional growth in order to be a better mentor and leader. 

Our Community: Join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group. Originally created for Canadian's new to the permanent jewelry industry, it has evolved to include students, customers, industry leaders & other suppliers on an international level. Join today!

Join the forEVER Family

Your Success is Our Business: When you choose forEVER, you’re not just buying supplies; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your business's growth and success.

Let's Grow Together: Shop premium supplies now!

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Our Promise to You

At forEVER Permanent Jewelry Supplies & Training, your dreams are our mission. We promise to provide not only the tools but also the support and guidance you need to reach new heights in your business. Experience the difference with forEVER – where quality meets empowerment.

About Marci

"I am a mother of 4 who is passionate about passing on good morals and life lessons to my children. Everything I set out to do, is with them at the forefront of my drive. I believe that systems to support others to succeed should be readily available & easily accessible, so I make it my goal to provide as much free or inexpensive content as possible to others, while still valuing my time and being able to provide for my family.

As a Canadian permanent jewelry professional who is part of a larger online community of professionals from around the globe, I began to connect with more and more Canadians who were starting out or already in the industry, and were frustrated with the lack of Canadian resources & supplies.

Between ever-changing USD to CAD exchange rates, to unexpected customs & duties fees, and extra long shipping times, it's a huge challenge for Canadian business owners to keep track of the actual cost of business.

I decided Canada was ready for a solution, and that is how forEVER Permanent Jewelry Supplies began. 

The permanent jewelry industry has opened a ton of doors for me and has completely changed my life. While I do provide the service in my studio, what I love the most is teaching others who are starting out or stuck where they are at in their current business, how to flourish and grow beyond what they ever imagined!

Over the past 11 years, I have started & grown 8 businesses of my own and have taught and helped hundreds of others do the same. Currently, I am working on learning the art of delegation & hiring, so that I am able to expand my business at the same pace it is growing while still enjoying my personal life. I am also starting classes on metalsmithing and jewelry design as well as taking business classes specifically geared toward jewelry professionals. I always choose to invest in myself, because it allows me to be the best trainer & mentor by providing the most relevant & essential content to help you grow professionally.

The vision I have for my company is growth and innovation. I am changing the face of permanent jewelry and growing the forEVER brand to global recognition, so when you carry forEVER permanent jewelry in your shop, you will be recognized as a business whose quality is second to none and whose standards come first. 

I look forward to working with each and every one of you and following your journey with permanent jewelry!"

Marci Matejcek, Founder & CEO