About Us


Welcome to forEVER Permanent Jewelry Supplies!

My name is Marci Matejcek. I am a mother of 4 who is passionate about teaching success strategies to my children as well as other likeminded business-women. I believe that systems to support others to succeed should be readily available & easily accessible, so I make it my goal to provide as much free for inexpensive content as possible to others, while still being able to provide for my family.

As a Canadian permanent jewelry professional who is part of a larger online community of professionals from around the globe, I began to connect with more and more Canadians who were starting out or already in the industry, and were frustrated with the lack of Canadian resources & supplies.

Between ever-changing USD to CAD exchange rates, to unexpected customs & duties fees, and extra long shipping times, it's a huge challenge for Canadian business owners to keep track of the actual cost of business.

I decided Canada was ready for a solution, and that is how forEVER Permanent Jewelry Supplies began. 

The permanent jewelry industry has opened a ton of doors for me and has completely changed my life. While I do provide the service in my studio, what I love the most is teaching others who are starting out or stuck where they are at in their current business, how to flourish and grow beyond what they ever imagined!

Over the past 11 years, I have started & grown 8 businesses of my own and have taught and helped hundreds of others do the same. Currently, I am working on learning the art of delegation & hiring, so that I am able to expand my business at the same pace it is growing while still enjoying my personal life. I am also starting classes on metalsmithing and jewelry design as well as taking business classes specifically geared toward jewelry professionals. I always choose to invest in myself, because it allows me to be the best trainer & mentor by providing the most relevant & essential content to help you grow professionally.

The vision I have for my company is growth and innovation. I am changing the face of permanent jewelry and growing the forEVER brand to global recognition, so when you carry forEVER permanent jewelry in your shop, you will be recognized as a business whose quality is second to none and whose standards come first. 

I look forward to working with each and every one of you and following your journey with permanent jewelry!

-xoxo, <3 Marci