Other Business Building Resources

Here you will find tips, tricks, & tools of the trade to help you take your permanent jewelry business to the next level! Most of these products or services I have personally used for several years and they have greatly enhanced my business. 

This list contains affiliate links. Please consider using these links, as we may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through our affiliate link or promo codes. We thank you for your support, as it allows us to continue finding & sharing with you the best business resources and programs.

  • Low Cost & Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms & Business Set Up - For all your legal forms used in business, finance, and even personal, The Law Depot is my trusted source for low cost & DIY legal form creation. I have used them to form one of my corporations and it was very easy and efficient. I have also created a Will, NDA, waivers and more, for a low monthly price of $7.99. Use this link to save 5%. 
  • Online E-Commerce StoreShopify: I have been using Shopify for almost a decade, for multiple businesses. I find it easy to set up and run and it's always easy to get help if you're unsure of anything. Sign up for a free trial and then enjoy your first month for only $1.
  • Payment Processing - Square: Square is user-friendly, portable, and has add-ons available to make running and scaling up your business so much easier. You can add photos and descriptions to products for better identification, but then you can use them to create a website quickly & easily. There are no monthly fees for payment processing, you simply pay as you go. You can follow this link to sign up for Square and receive $1,000 in free payment processing or $20 off Square hardware.
  • Online Booking - Fresha: I have used several online booking services over the years. They all have pros and cons. Fresha checks SO many boxes of essentials for service-based businesses, it's hard to believe it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! It's also super easy to set up, you can add retail, staff, advertise, and get reviews super easily. It's such a great interface, I wish it was around when I had my spa. If you follow this link to sign up for Fresha and enable payment processing features, we will both receive CA$100 in credits on Fresha paid features once you process $1000 in card payments. 
  • Business Banking - Wise: Formerly Transferwise, this account is meant for making money transfers easy and much more cost effective than traditional banks. It's super easy to set up, and if you purchase internationally, you will love it. Follow exchange rates and convert your money at optimum times. The fees are transparent and very low. They even list other banks and how much you save vs. the other banks on their list. Sign up here and get a fee-free transfer up to $800.